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7 Ways to Tighten Up Construction Security at Your Site

Construction sites are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and materials—and insurance can’t cover everything. Unfortunately, construction site equipment theft is a huge problem, accounting for $300 million to $1 billion in losses per year across the United States.

Preventing theft and vandalism with effective construction security is a critical part of the job. Construction security companies make it a lot easier by providing security services, but there are still other things you need to do.

Here are 7 tips that will tighten up construction security at your sites to better prevent theft.

Construction Security Tip #1: Secure the Perimeter with Fencing

Proper fencing is your site’s first line of defense. Place multiple signs on the fencing to deter intruders, such as “Keep Out” and “Danger – Construction Area.” Also have a sign at the entrance that lists the penalties for breaking and entering, stealing, and vandalizing property on the site.

Construction Security Tip #2: Take Site Inventory

Inventory everything on the site, including tools, equipment, and materials. Have pictures and assigned ID numbers for the most expensive assets on the premises.

Develop a tool check-in and check-out system workers can use when removing and replacing stored equipment. This helps keep track of equipment and foster security awareness among workers.

Construction Security Tip #3: Store and Lock Up

When not in use, equipment and materials should be properly stored away and locked up to prevent theft or vandalism. For vehicles, install hidden kill switches that can disable the ignitions if stolen.

Construction Security Tip #4: Light Up the Construction Site

Construction sites are most susceptible to robbery and vandalism at night when workers have gone home. Lighting up the construction site deters criminals from entering for fear of being seen.

Construction Security Tip #5: Monitor One Access Point

According to a report from Arizona State University: “Some researchers have classified construction site burglars into three categories: amateur opportunists, insiders (such as employees and rival contractors), and professional thieves. Common to all of these types is the ability to blend in with regular construction workers.”

Speaking of insiders, subcontractors frequently commit theft. A subcontractor comes in after-hours and steals the materials provided at the construction site. The construction company is billed for the loss of materials. The subcontractor then will bid other jobs, including the cost of materials and charges for the materials. But the subcontractor uses the materials stolen from the previous construction site.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have only one access point for actually entering the site. This way you can easily control and monitor who’s coming in and going out. You might install a video surveillance system at the entrance to monitor traffic through the access point for any suspicious activity.

Construction Security Tip #6: Promote Security Awareness

Speak with your employees about keeping the site secure and reporting any suspicious activity, theft or vandalism. Also, get in touch with the local police station and fire department at the beginning of a job to ensure they know you’re there.

Construction Security Tip #7: Hire a Security Patrol Service

Construction security services provide security officers who patrol the site to keep security breaches at bay. Construction security guards patrol regularly to deter thieves. They also keep an eye on your materials and respond to any risks.

Construction site theft is a huge liability that can hurt your business, so you need a strong security plan to protect your assets. Don’t fall victim to construction theft because you failed to invest in protection.

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