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4 Building Security Tips That Increase Your Property’s Well-Being

Managing multiple commercial properties comes with plenty of challenges. Every building is unique, and the people inside those buildings have different wants and needs. As a property owner, you have to maintain proper facility management across all of your buildings. That’s why building security is a top priority for downtown building owners.

Secure buildings lead to happy tenants and investors, which ultimately protects your investment. These building security tips will show you how to increase the value of commercial properties and promote an overall sense of well-being.

1. Vary Building Security Methods to Prevent Tailgating

The scene seems innocent enough—a tenant unlocks the building, and the person behind them grabs the door before it closes. Look closer. An unauthorized person has the potential to become a dangerous person.

Tailgating (aka piggybacking) is one of the most common security breaches. Tailgating occurs at rates of 40-60% of all entrants to corporate workplaces. Anytime someone uses tailgating techniques to get into one of your buildings, it diminishes the power of your building security system.

Having multiple security measures in place is key. The methods you use depend on the type of property and point of entry. For example, a smart card unlocks the door and guards check ID badges.

Some security companies employ a combination of low-tech and smart technologies, such as:

  • Turnstiles
  • Visitors badges
  • “Air-lock” double doors
  • Long-range readers
  • Smart cards
  • Camera analytics
  • Security patrol services

Anti-tailgating measures are as important as strong door locks when it comes to building security. To prevent tailgating, buildings need more than one level of protection.

2. Choose a Team Approach to Secure the Community

Even the most advanced systems can fail due to human error. Occupants play a huge role in keeping everyone safe. Fostering a team approach will secure the community as a whole.

Consider organizing a Building Watch group to address problems. Security patrol services can send a message by consistently checking badges. Post flyers in common areas alerting occupants to the risks of letting in unauthorized people. Host community events to raise awareness and educate your tenants about proper security protocols.

3. Deter Criminals with a Well-Maintained Property

Maintenance is one of the principals of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). A well-maintained commercial real estate property sends a message that the area is watched and cared for.

Proper lighting and properly cared for facilities discourage illegal activity. Keep light fixtures clean, and replace all burnt-out bulbs immediately. Also, maintain landscaping, repair broken windows, and paint over graffiti.

A clean property creates an atmosphere of order and lawfulness. This lowers the chance for crime and other incidents.

4. Work with Established Security Services Companies

There are many security services companies to choose from. Find an established security patrol team who will customize a plan for your individual property’s needs. A generic security strategy will not work long-term.

The whole idea with promoting a more secure environment is to protect your tenants and your investment. Experts in the security field keep you informed, so you can stay on top of the rapidly evolving needs of your tenants and buildings.

As with any partnership, communication is key. Anytime there is a crime or suspicious activity, immediately report it to your provider. Encourage all occupants and managers to report problems right away too. By communicating often with your security services team, you’ll share important information they need to know to produce better results.

With better building security techniques, your assets are more safe and secure. Follow the building security tips listed above to increase the well-being of your properties.

Looking for an established security services company? The PPS team is here to help.