common safety and security challenges

How to Identify and Solve Common Safety and Security Challenges

Building and property issues can impact the security of any building. Whether you own multiple properties or manage one building, understanding common safety and security challenges will give you the foundation for property improvements.

Let’s explore some of those challenges and methods for solving them. Afterward, you’ll have the outline of a security action plan ready to go.

Things You Can Do to Improve Building Security

Challenge: Interior Property Damage
Solution: Screen Tenants

Screening tenants is a proactive way to prevent safety and security challenges from occurring. You can avoid bringing people onto your property that are more prone to stirring up incidents, like damaging interiors. According to the Federal Trade Commission, “If you’re a landlord, you may use consumer reports to evaluate rental applications—as long as you follow the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).”

Having good tenants brings a teamwork approach to your security efforts as well. When people care about the safety of others, everyone can work together to build a better community. They can report suspicious activities and look out for their neighbors and the building.

Challenge: Exterior Vandalism and Break-Ins
Solution: Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are helpful in deterring crime from occurring on properties and within buildings. Having clear signage about cameras can decrease vandalism and vehicle break-ins. Property owners and managers will find security footage useful for documenting criminal evidence if incidents happen.

Challenge: Evicted Tenant Causing Scenes
Solution: Change Locks After Tenants Vacate

When someone is evicted, they have the tendency to want to lash out against the property manager or owner. Once a tenant vacates the property, immediately change the locks on those properties or units, deactivate all cards, fobs, and clickers assigned to the tenant. Be sure to include a clause in the lease stating that lock changes will occur as a means of overcoming building security challenges.

Challenge: Computer Theft
Solution: Use Alarm Systems

Especially in office buildings, a room full of computers is a prime opportunity for thieves. Consider wiring all units throughout the property and buildings with security alarm systems. Since alarm systems are managed by a third-party security service 24/7, you’ll be contacted as soon as something happens. The alarm noise alone will typically scare off any intruders.

Security Patrol Services for Long-Term Results

While all of the above security measures will help you short-term, working with a security patrol services team brings you long-term support and results. Rather than jumping into generic methods for solving problems, a security services provider will take the time to meet with you to understand your goals and challenges. Then, they create a customized security action plan that supports those needs.

Before jumping into tactics, strategy comes first. At PPS, we conduct a Building Survey to understand the property, its history, how people move in and out of the building, and current security measures that are in place. We want to know everything, such as how doors are locked and unlocked and how keys are issued.

Once we understand operational gaps and opportunities, we create a plan and assign officer duties and responsibilities in a way that best serves your needs. While you can certainly go at it alone, having a security services partner is not only more effective, it also eases your concerns if an issue arises so everything is handled promptly and professionally.

Many responsibilities already fall onto your shoulders, and building security shouldn’t be one of them. Let the PPS team take it from here.