Security Patrol Services

Security Services for Better Portland Communities

We get to know your unique challenges and goals, then do what it takes to drive positive results. Whether we are cleaning up a street camp or minimizing vehicle thefts, we are here to protect your success and raise the standards of quality in your community.

PPS for Property Managers

We are the fixers, who look at your problems from a practical side before offering solutions. Since you have enough on your plate already, we immediately eliminate your security concerns so you can focus on other priorities. By decreasing maintenance and security issues, we help you maintain a healthy safe environment with happy residents.

PPS for Homeowners Associations

We are a partner who is committed to service, with consideration to your fiscal boundaries. Regular communication is essential in keeping our finger on the pulse of your property and ensuring that our on-site staff is exceeding your expectations. We collaborate with you and the HOA board members to continually improve the reputation of your community.

PPS for Property Owners

We are the advisors, who show you how to increase the value of your properties. To ease your concerns, we take action to decrease previous costs caused by maintenance and security issues. Whether someone is coming or going in a building or parking garage, all of the properties under your care are clean, safe, and sound.

Why Our Clients Trust PPS

Our clients trust PPS because our plan is simple: We know how to create quality environments. You don’t just need someone on your property, you need a partner to protect it.

Customized Security Patrol Services

PPS helps you determine your security goals, then develop a security plan of action to build a quality community. We customize each contract to the needs and goals of your property. We understand needs and goals change over time, so we continually evaluate our efforts to ensure your success.

Building Security


As specialists in high-end condominiums and commercial buildings, we begin our building security process with a thorough security survey. We develop a site improvement plan, assign officers who are a good fit, and provide regular reporting to ensure success.

Protection and Security


We take a holistic approach to problem-solving. We conduct security surveys to evaluate your environment, physical design and security measures, and policies relating to traffic flows and security measures. Once we clearly understand your property, we develop a security plan.

Random Patrols


PPS conducts random patrols via bicycle, vehicle, and foot patrols to hundreds of properties in the Portland Metro area. These patrols are a cost-effective and efficient way to provide security patrols, so you don’t have to handle the cost of a full-time security officer.

Security Consulting


Our security specialists visit your property, complete a security survey, and offer security recommendations. We provide security consultations for: businesses, residential buildings, apartment buildings, high-rise buildings, schools, construction sites, and event venues.

Construction Security


Our comprehensive construction security programs focus on safeguarding materials, equipment, and property. Officers perform nonstop patrols and check gates, barriers, lots, and buildings. We stop crime before it starts, ensuring that intruders never enter your site.

Property Owners


Small businesses can’t always afford a 24/7 security officer—which is why we offer a district improvement option. By partnering with other businesses in your neighborhood, you work together to afford a full-time security services team to protect your group of properties.

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Customized Security Plan

If we determine there is an opportunity to work together, we will meet with you at your property and perform a detailed walk-through. We’ll listen to your needs, identify your security goals, and develop a customized security plan to help you succeed.