5 Ways to Make Small Business Security Work for Your Budget

Small businesses often feel like they can’t afford to work with a security provider because of the associated costs. But these days security services are much more affordable than they once were.

Rather than trying to go about protecting yourself on your own, you can take certain security measures to protect your business and your employees. Instead of getting an alarm system and security cameras that might not work without hiring additional staff to monitor everything, you can always hire a security services provider to take care of your business needs.

Businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than homes. And, burglaries occur about every 10 seconds, according to SafeWise. Considering the kinds of electronics and other valuable equipment entrepreneurs use to run their businesses, it’s no wonder that small businesses are a prime target for burglary.

Working with a security services company can help keep your business (and neighborhood of businesses) safer for your customers and employees. Here are five ways to make security work for your small business.

1. Customized Security Patrol Services

A security provider like Pacific Patrol Services can help you determine what your security goals are and then create a security plan of action that helps build a quality community free of crime.

With PPS, you can customize your plan to fit the goals and needs of your property as well as get a continuous evaluation of security measures to ensure that everything is running smoothly. So if you’re considering small business security solutions, customized security patrol services may just be the answer you’re looking for.

2. Random Patrols

In 2016, one in ten small businesses suffered a burglary or theft. Random patrols can help keep your business more secure by being unpredictable so thieves don’t know what to expect or when. They also reduce trespassers, such as street campers or sleepers.

Random patrols are much more effective in catching thieves of small businesses. Random patrols are done on foot, as well as by vehicle and bicycle, to cover hundreds of properties. Random patrols are an affordable and effective way to provide security patrols if you don’t have the funds to cover the cost of a full-time security officer.

3. Building Security

By working with a security patrol company, you get increased building security for everyone. Building security is an added layer of protection and a deterrent for criminals and thieves.

Building security is perfect for commercial buildings and typically begins with a thorough security survey that helps assess your individual security needs. With your security provider, you develop a plan to improve your site, assign officers who are a good fit for your business, and provide consistent reporting to guarantee success. There’s no better way to dissuade robbery or theft than by having security personnel present in the store or building.

4. Security Consulting

Another affordable solution in the realm of small business security systems is security consulting. Companies like PPS visit your property, fill out a security survey, and offer security recommendations.

These types of companies offer services for small businesses, construction sites, residential buildings, high-rise buildings, apartment buildings, schools, and event venues. So if you’re considering an affordable option when it comes to small business security services, consider consulting.

5. District Improvement Services

District improvement services make it possible to improve your company’s security—as well as neighborhood security—even if you don’t think you can afford security. Instead of taking on the full cost of security services, you can spread the cost around by partnering with other businesses in your neighborhood so you can work together to afford a full-time security team to protect your group of properties. It’s a win-win.

Now that you know the importance of making security work for your small business, you can look into working with a security provider like Pacific Patrol Services and see how it can make your business—and neighborhood of businesses—safer for your customers and employees.

Ready to take the plunge and tighten up security for your small business? Learn how partnering with PPS can help you stay safe and secure by contacting us today.