improve your hoa's reputation

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your HOA’s Reputation

Maintaining a good reputation is an important part of running any business—and that certainly includes Homeowner Associations (HOA). Unfortunately, property reputation management is a baffling process as progress can be difficult to gauge.

By making your community safer with security services, you will change the course of your HOA’s reputation quickly. Here are three simple ways you can contribute to the safety of your building, and improve your HOA’s reputation as a result.

HOA Reputation Tip: Hold Neighborhood Citizen Meetings

The key to property reputation management is not just implementing good safety practices, but also to be seen as an active member in the community who is ready to discuss security concerns. One way to connect with your community and improve your HOA’s reputation is by finding out its security needs.

According to The City of Portland’s monthly release of its neighborhood offense statistics, crime manifests in three main ways. These are crimes against an individual person, against the property, and also against wider society.

Knowing which crime types the community is most concerned about means that you are then in a position to effectively combat these crimes. Neighborhood citizen meetings are one way to open up the conversation with locals about improving the security—and the livability—of your entire community.

HOA Reputation Tip: Respect and Consider Every Stakeholder

Improving your HOA’s reputation is not just about affecting the perceptions of current tenants.
It’s about how you appear to all of your stakeholders, such as your property manager and prospective tenants. Every stakeholder needs to be considered and involved in the process if you want to better your community.

You want your community to feel safe. At the same time, you want those outside your property in the surrounding community to know that your building is secure and that its residents care about the neighborhood.

People who trespass or commit a crime must come through the neighborhood to get to your property. An active, involved neighborhood will identify these people right away. A security patrol officer discourages intruders from victimizing the property or its stakeholders.

This is especially important in the City of Portland, where the most common crime committed is theft. And approximately 90% of crimes reported in the City of Portland are property-related.

Hiring a security patrol service team is one effective way to prevent such crimes from happening. Incident prevention assures your stakeholders, because they feel more secure. That sense of well-being will greatly improve the neighborhood perceptions of your HOA.

HOA Reputation Tip: Hire an HOA Security Services Team

Finding a partner that specializes in HOA security services can positively impact your property reputation management style. A building security service team strengthens your community relationships, because…

  • The presence of security guards deters crime.
  • Security services companies provide people who are specially trained to act responsibly at a crucial moment. In a crisis, security officers act swiftly and appropriately.
  • Security patrol officers are considered trustworthy people with authority, they can build real relationships with the community.

These factors are crucial to improving not only the security of your community but also your HOA’s reputation. You have a lot invested in your community and you want to do everything in your power to make it a better place. Following these HOA best practices will help you take steps in the right direction.

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