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Increase Resident Satisfaction By Taking These 3 Simple Steps

A primary goal for any property manager is to keep residents happy and safe—and to keep units filled. Getting feedback is an essential part of that process.

Positive feedback attracts new residents, while negative feedback scares potential residents away. If residents don’t feel safe because it took a month to replace a stairwell light, they are not likely to leave a glowing review on Yelp or Google.

The trick to receiving positive feedback from residents is to open up avenues where they can be easily heard. Ready to increase resident satisfaction? Take these 3 simple steps to make your community more positive and secure.

Share a Resident Satisfaction Survey Electronically

Surveys are one of the easiest ways to find out what your residents want and need—and to keep your finger on the pulse of your property. Even if residents don’t get everything they want, most will be satisfied with the opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard.

To encourage residents to fill out the survey, email a survey link with community newsletters. You can also include a visible link on the community online portal, so residents see the survey when they pay rent and utilities electronically.

You should only expect to get, at most, a 55% participation rate with surveys. Keep your resident satisfaction survey short and sweet. A few simple questions with room for comments is really all you need. At least one question should cover security, and others can cover maintenance, cleanliness, and other resident amenities or services.

Hold Quarterly Resident Safety and Security Meetings

A great method for getting resident feedback is to pull people together. “When residents are actively engaged, they see the direct benefits of working with property managers and are more likely have a stronger positive feeling about the property.”

Hold quarterly safety and security meetings where current issues are discussed openly. Provide a dedicated time and place for residents to meet. Plan on attending these meetings to listen to residents as they share ideas and problems. The agenda can include:

  • Share collective feedback from residents by surveys or word-of-mouth.
  • How the property management team will take steps to improve.
  • Any upcoming community updates and activities.
  • Allow time for open discussion for residents to provide feedback.

After a resident and safety meeting, use this community intelligence to make further improvements. Whether you are replacing a water heater or fixing safety lighting in the building entryway, residents will know they are living in a place where the property management team cares about more than just collecting rent.

Use Property Management Security Services

Even if your property doesn’t have the best gym equipment or a pool, residents are happiest when they feel secure in their homes. Hiring a security services company lets residents know you care for their well-being and safety. For you, as the property manager, you have a professional to lean on should any challenges arise.

The presence of security patrol guard goes a long way in bringing a sense of comfort. Residents know you are taking their security seriously. They feel they have someone there to help if any incidents occur.

Increasing community safety increases positive resident feedback. The opposite will happen if theft and break-ins happen regularly without improving over time. Working with a property management security services team is one of the best steps you can take to improve the reputation and well-being of your community.

When it comes to garnering positive feedback from current and past residents, make sure they feel like they are part of a community, they feel safe, and that their voices are being heard. With a smarter approach to property management security, you will create the best possible environment for people to call home.

Increase resident satisfaction by partnering with the PPS team for property management security services.