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4 Parking Garage Safety Tips That Make Your Property More Secure

parking garage security tips

Did you know 1 in 10 property crimes happen in a parking garage? With a few safety tips, you can make the concrete jungle of your parking garage or parking lot a better place for tenants and visitors.

Crimes often happen because the opportunity presents itself. That’s why it’s important to take precautions around your properties, including parking garages and parking lots. To ensure the well-being of everyone on your property, here are 4 parking garage safety tips that make your property more secure.

Parking Garage Safety: Improve Lighting and Limit Distractions

Darkness is a criminal’s preference. It conceals their actions and makes them bolder when carrying out crimes. A study at Ohio State University showed that improving lighting helped lower the crime rate in their parking garages.

Keep all areas of your structure well-lit. Parking and walking areas—especially blind spots—should be illuminated for everyone as they park and go to and from their vehicles.

Limiting distractions is another security tactic. The parking garage area shouldn’t be a chaotic experience for visitors. Even though it may be tempting to have the hip parking garage with visual art and mood lighting, these extras actually distract tenants and visitors. As a result, they pay less attention to their surroundings.

A well-lit and quiet parking garage puts people at ease. This illuminated space heightens awareness when they enter and exit the parking lot or parking garage. By being more aware, criminals will be less likely to target them.

Parking Garage Safety: Keep Tenants and Visitors Informed

Remind people to watch out for themselves with constant communication. A sign reminding people to lock their doors or keep valuables out of sight may seem self-evident. But it’s the start of reminding people of their responsibility to reduce security risks and it may prevent them from becoming targets.

Many vehicle break-ins are crimes of convenience. Your car should be clean and have nothing out that will tempt thieves.

Here are a few car tips you can communicate with your tenants and residents:

Parking Garage Safety: Report Suspicious Activity and Crimes

Unsure about what someone is doing on your property? Are they acting strange? When in doubt, report and document the occurrence. It may not seem like anything at the time. However, it could save you—and your tenants and visitors—down the road if they are a danger to property or people.

Create the report immediately when details are fresh in your mind. Be sure to include a description of the people, vehicles, and license plate information.

If you don’t need to report the incident to the police, informing your security services provider of the situation will put them on high alert. By knowing what or who to look for, they can be a step quicker in crime prevention.

When your tenants see that these incidents are handled promptly and professionally, they will feel safer. Your property’s reputation will benefit as well.

Parking Garage Safety: Hire a Security Services Company

You’ve gone a long way in making your structure and surrounding property better for tenants and visitors by implementing the parking garage safety tips listed above. Still, the most effective strategy for promoting welcoming environments is hiring an onsite security services company.

A study from the U.S. Department of Justice noted having a “visible uninformed presence” was one of the best crime preventing methods. Just the presence of a security patrol guard decreases the possibility for crimes. Tenants feel better, knowing they have someone there should they need to report suspicious activities.

Security cameras are a deterrent, yet they only record a crime. Hiring a security service provider puts a skilled guard on the scene who can deescalate and investigate situations. They keep loiters from entering the building, intervene and stop a crime from progressing when necessary.

A dedicated security patrol guard lets your whole community know that security is a top priority. It’s up to you to make your tenants feel comfortable where they live, work, or play. These parking garage safety tips are a great place to start. The next important step is hiring a security services provider who will help you and your property succeed.

Make your parking garage more secure by contacting PPS for a customized security plan.

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