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How Building Security Services Enhance Your Property’s Value

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Commercial real estate may look static since buildings sit there by the roadside every day. This can be misleading—commercial properties are actually in a state of flux. Parts of the building may need maintenance, something leaks, or the tenants want a stairwell fixed. Incidents happen, like vandalism or theft.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” according to Benjamin Franklin. Who would argue with that? The many issues you face within your commercial properties require investigation and constant care.

Caring for your properties means decreasing both maintenance and security issues. Here are some important ways outsourcing building security services enhances your property’s value.

What is Involved With Good Facilities Management

Good facilities management often involves anticipating situations that may arise—and being ready with a solution. In most cases that will be quicker, easier, and cheaper than waiting for something to happen and applying a quick fix. It’s much better to mend a leaking pipe than to get a plumber at an emergency call-out charge to deal with a flood.

A new Deloitte report says that property owners should prioritize infrastructure and tenant experience in a changing market. This includes building security services. Depending on the type of property, you may need night security patrols, or daytime services if there are public spaces in the building.

Checking perimeters and car parking are also necessary for your building security process. If someone is waste dumping in the back lot, a thorough and consistent investigation of the surrounding areas will alert you of any incidents.

Increase the Value of Commercial Properties

Secure tenants are happy tenants, allowing you to increase rents based on a high standard of quality. If tenants are happy, the investors will be satisfied with the performance. The value of your property will go up if you care for the property and surrounding areas with proper security and maintenance procedures.

Conversely, if there are always issues of dirt, poorly maintained areas, and insufficient lighting, tenants will complain and try to negotiate lease amount decreases. If tenants feel unsafe or uncomfortable because of vehicle break-ins or wall graffiti, tenants might not renew their lease and leave the property.

Facilities management is an art, not a science. Owners need to juggle multiple priorities, and of course cannot be everywhere at once.

An effective security service provider like Pacific Patrol Services can alert an owner to issues of security and maintenance that need to be attended to, preventing potential problems from arising. Your tenants will enjoy peace of mind and a feeling of well-being, knowing that a team of professionals is there to help anytime.

The Benefits of Good Building Security Services

Your CCTV (closed-circuit television) is one thing. A professional building security team will serve as your eyes and ears. You need a person to bring a lost child back to his or her parents or call roadside assistance for a vehicle that doesn’t start. These are the “soft skills” of a security patrol services team.

At some point, your security service provider may have to act more robustly if someone is causing an incident. They are really a “first response” to gauge the situation. If you are experiencing an emergency, always dial 911 first then contact your security provider afterward.

The benefits of good building security services include:

These primary benefits have secondary effects. With office vacancy rates in the USA rising to over 16%, owners need to optimize their tenancies through good practice. Sought-after buildings often have waiting lists for vacancies, as opposed to less popular real estate. Contented tenants who move on can and do recommend others, reducing unoccupied time.

It’s not about operating your properties, it’s about improving them. No matter how many commercial properties you manage, you must continually find innovative ways to keep investors and tenants happy. By being proactive with security and maintenance concerns, you’ll improve the value of your properties long-term.

Ready to enhance the value of your properties? Learn how partnering with PPS helps you achieve your goals.

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